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Just installed 320 foot shadow box fence. Looking to stain this project!
Material is Southern Yellow Pine.
Was looking to use Olympic Maximum Semi Transparent stain W/ 718 Neutral-Tone Fir-Pine additive. Lowe's has this product at 148.00 + tax and cost of additive for 5 gallons.

320 foot on both sides = 640 foot X 6foot high = 3,840 sq. ft.

According to Olympic I can expect 150 to 250 sg. ft. coverage per gallon. Being realistic on new wood I would expect 150.
150 into 3,840 = roughly 25gallons @ say 165.00 per 5 gallon pail = 825.00.

I have a couple of local folks who stain fences and have told me they use a garden sprayer and have great results. I can vizualize the product dripping on the ground and the original 825.00 going up to 1,000 to 1,500.00 which is out of my budget! They told me they do not backbrush or roll just spray and go. Their cost 300.00.

Next breath, I have 2 Wagner Airless units and the .015 tip recommended for this stain. My wife is on my case telling me to get off my #$%^ing butt and spray it!

Please! What method is the best? I think the bug sprayer is sort of archaic and might be wasteful. I want to make sure this liquid gold goes on the fence not the ground! Maybe a cheaper product?

Appreciate any thoughts! Thanks Much!
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