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Stain On White Shingles? Can it be Removed?

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Someone I know spilled acetone on a white shingled roof and stained a few shingles dark. Can the stain be removed or do I have to replace the shingles? And then knowing this women, if I replace a few she'll want the rest of the roof to match for free.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I've never spilled acetone on a roof so don't know what the staining is a result of. I can only imagine that the acetone caused a reaction witht he asphalt in the shingle. If so, I doubt it can be cleaned. contact the shingle manufacturer and ask them for a recomendation. Chances are likely that the shingle will have to be repalced. Back charge the goof who spilt the nail polish remover on the roof and do what is right to keep the home owner happy.

What was he cleaning his nail polish for anyways on the roof?
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