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ssww jetted tub humming motor issue

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I have a jetted tub in our master bathroom. It has SSWW on it. I gather its higher end, from china and I cannot find a manual or actual model number. It works jets, lights, radio everything without issue. My problem is when it is off for about 10-15 min the motor begins to hum..I don't know what to even look for to find out what's wrong or what i should do. Until i figure it out we use it without the jets or I unplug it immediately after use.
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Does the tub stay full all the time, like a hot tub? The reason I ask is that I have a hot tub, and once you get out and shut the jets down, it will go into a standby mode and hum while circulating and heating / filtering the water. It goes on and off about 15 minutes each to keep the water hot and filtered.

If you drain the tub after each use then disregard my comments.
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