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Sprinkler Valve Issue

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After years of flawless operation, I started noticing a very light but continuous flow from the lowest sprinkler in the entire system (algae / moss on curb). For troubleshooting purposes, I capped the lowest sprinkler head, and then a continuous flow started coming from the next lowest sprinkler head.

I did some basic Google searching, and determine that the issue is likely a leaky control valve. I watch some videos, and thought for sure that I had a deteriorated diaphragm etc.

However, when I inspected the sprinkler valves for the area in question, the assembly looks to be nothing more than a solenoid sitting on top of a flow control “collar”. No housing with screws that would allow access to a spring and diaphragm.

Can anyone help me understand how this works? Do I simply replace the solenoid? I'm happy to do so, but would love to understand how better how this works, as I'm expecting the problem to return in the future with other sprinkler zones in our rather large yard.

Thank you!!!


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Call Rainbird tech support with the model number and ask about the repair parts and procedure.

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The valve looks like a Rainbird APAS-75 anti-siphon valve.
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