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Sprinkler, is the strongest head.. likely the first or the end of the line

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I'm having trouble with a zone w/ 9 heads.. (I know.. should have 4-6) but put in by previous owner. I'm planning on adding a head and splitting into 2 zones.

I am trying to guess the layout of the lines.

I have several heads near each other that are very strong

Is it likely the strong ones are at then end of the line? (because the water ends there.) This is my guess based on knowledge of one pipe.

Or is it likely those are the first heads, and are strongest because they have first access to water?

I also have several very weak ones, I believe my weak ones are on a T of the main pipe.. accounting for their weakness...

There is also about an 8 foot slope in this zone, but high vs. low doesn't seem to be correlated to head strength.