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Spraying with HVLP

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After reading alot of good reviews I bought a HVLP conversion gun that I will use with my compressor. Have wanted a true HVLP for a while to stain trim and what not. I don't like to stain and poly with a brush, not the best looking finish and takes a long time. Only thing that stopped me from getting a true HVLP was the price tag. So I decided to try this gun out since it has alot of good reviews from woodworking magazines and some paint stores and alot of users of it. Hopefully it works good. Here is a link to the gun

Now I'm trying to learn as much as I can about using this thing while I wait for it to get here. I have a titan airless that I have used for painting my walls and other things so I have some experience with airless. Guess the main thing I don't know about is the thinning of stains/paints/polyeurathanes and other things. The first project for this gun will be to spray sherwin williams prepright oil based primer on my kitchen cabinet doors and then sherwin williams pro classic oil based off white topcoat. Do I need to thin these with mineral spirits and if so how much? Also should I use penetrol in addition to thinning the paint with mineral spirits?

And any other tips for spraying with an HVLP? I have read that I should set the regulator on my compressor to about 70 PSI and the regulator on the gun to 7-9 PSI, does this sound right? Thanks for any help with this new experience, Scott
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This setup is only a little like a turbine HVLP.... I have both. The HVLP system will allow spraying heavier materials and has even less overspray. Outside of that all things are the same. Thin the materials you mentioned 2-5% and no more than 10%. Yes, use penetrol. But since you are trying to do the cabinets correctly why not use post catalized nitrocellouse lacquer colored if you want? It is easier and produces a far superior coating for kitchen cabinets.

Pressure: adjust pressure to a point that you are getting a good "wet" finish. Too much pressure will produce excessive overspray and orange peel Too little and you will not atomize the solution. 12 PSI for poly and less for paints.
Thankd Bob, you seem to know about every aspect of construction! The turbine units sure looked nice but the decent ones were out of the price range. So if I understand you correctly I should thin oil based with miniral spirits and then also use penetrol? Or is the penetrol what I use to thin with? As far as "post catalized nitrocellouse lacquer colored" I have no clue what that is. I'm pretty new to any painting other than basic latex applied with a roller and brush. I've been trying to learn more about it but there is so much about different kinds of paint to use and where. Last year I bought an airless to help out in my house remodel and after much reading got some knowledge with that. Now trying to learn about oil based paints and spraying them with HVLP! Thanks again for all your help.
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