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Spraying liquid through a pipe using a compressor

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I need some information on this, i need to know if its as simple as it looks.

Spraying liquid through a pipe using a compressor would be based on the same concept as a paint spray gun? As below

Compressor being used is about 4Bar (400KPa)

  • I would use appropriate nozzle at the exit, to create a spray, suggestions on the nozzle type?
  • Will it matter if the container holding my liquid is below the compressed (opposite to the picture)? I'm thinking the compressor will suck the liquid up and this wont even be an issue if the distance is less than 2 feet.
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Are you looking for a lot of air spraying a mist or a pressurized stream more like like a pressure washer? Take a look at the Bernoulli Principle.
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