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I'm trying to use the rest of my Alsa Killer Cans ( ) set that I bought a year or so ago and never got to work right. Trying to get a sword hilt I made to look like real gold. I'd really like to spray it first with the hammered finish spray paint because of surface imperfections. ( http://paint-and-supplies.hardwares.../rust-oleum-hammered-metal-finish-286732.aspx ) And I think it would just be an interesting look. The Killer Cans set has you put down a gloss black coat, then a clear coat, then a chrome coat, then another clear coat, then the gold tint... all their super expensive cans of course. But I got a little heavy handed with the black that came with the kit, and ran out. So I called them up and asked if it had to be their super special formula or not. They said the base black really doesn't matter, as long as it's really shiny. That's how the chrome gets reflective.

So, like I said, I want to do the hammered finish on it first, then a glossy black. then back to their products.

PROBLEM: It turns out no place around here sells urethane spray paint, which is what the Killer Cans system is. I believe the hammered finish is an enamel paint. And I can only find glossy black in enamel or lacquer... then I go to Home Depot and get really confused by a guy who tells me "enamel" is not a kind of paint, but the finish. So glossy and satin are "enamel" finishes.

SO... If I paint the hammered finish, then a glossy black enamel from Kryolon or Rust-oleum, do you think the following urethane coats from my Killer Cans set will have problems? The last time I tried the Killer Cans it turned into crazy crackling mess. BUT that could be because I had some other primer coat on the stuff that had not fully set. I don't recall. I would do some tests, but I'm almost out of the super expensive Killer Cans stuff... I think I have just enough left for my sword handle.

I mean, if an enamel spraypaint coat has dried for days, shouldn't you be able to put any other kind of paint over it without worry?

Please, some chemist guru... help me!
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