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Hi all,

I see that there was a post about this a decade ago, but my question pertains to the new recessed lights that don't require a can (e.g. HLB6099FS1EMWR).

We had spray foam installed over these and it didn't go well, because 1) not rated for direct contact with spray foam and 2) it pushed out and damaged the lights and drywall.

We have since replaced the lights and fixed the drywall, but still need to put spray foam insulation over these lights, correctly. My question is how to go about doing this? We cut out the spray foam to reinstall the lights, but there isn't much room (pic attached) for tenmat boxes, and these seem more suited for can light housing protection.

Couple options I've thought of:
1) Construct drywall boxes with ~4-5 inch height clearing
2) Purchase sturdy plastic bowls off Amazon w/ same ~5 inch clearing, there's about 40 of these lights, so leaning towards this option.

Not sure how much room is actually needed for heat dissipation, which I couldn't find in the spec sheet and have emailed Halo about, but these don't seem to put off much heat at all.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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