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So here's my situation.

I have an area where paint chipped, and old drywall and mud were exposed with small damage and cracks. I scarped off any loose paint in that area, and applied Gardz on the exposed drywall/mud/paper as well as some latex paint surrounding it. Once Gardz is dry, I'm going to then mud the area to make the surface even and smooth, then spot prime that area with Gardz again.

I have been doing some research and apparently spot priming with Gardz will cause different sheen. Especially concerning since my topcoat will be a Sherwin William Emerald in Semi-gloss.

However, it appears that they are often talking about a fresh drywall, not in my situation where only a small area of drywall is slightly damaged, rest of the wall already have (many) layers of latex paint.

So what are my options?

1. Just apply top coat paint. Since other areas are not raw drywall but have latex paint on it already, so sheen problem most likely wouldn't occur.

2. Suck it up and apply Gardz to the entire wall. (Would require me to purchase another can of Gardz, and add an hour or two of extra work.)

3. Spot prime on top of Gardz with SW latex primer.


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If you apply two coats of paint--I believe the sheen will be just fine--

If you are concerned--roll the primed area with the top coat ---then do two full coats--
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