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Splitting 1 register to 2?

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I've got one supply register in my master bedroom, it gets quite a bit of air velocity because it is only about 4 feet from the AC system in the attic. This can be quite noisy and I like my AC to run without catching my attention. I'm thinking about splitting it from 1 6" duct to 2 5" ducts and adding dampers. Any problems with this?
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Not an HVAC guy, but FWIW,
at best the new ducts will reduce airspeed 30%. Maybe the perceived noise level will drop more than this.

Re: 4 feet, adding internal duct vanes may reduce noise due to air turbulence.
claims to tune the system for reduced noise, I guess much like an auto muffler is tuned to cancel out noise at some freqs.

This one
is hard to read but seems to claim it can "straighten" air flow with vanes.

From the Web, looks like dampers increase turbulence, but maybe I should have said, "Sounds like dampers increase turbulence." :)

I guess an auto A/C system almost always equals a poor ductwork design/install because the auto marketing people define the overall auto internal geometry and leave it to others to reduce the auto A/C noise level, so I'd look into auto A/C designs for solutions to problems like this.

Here's another option
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