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split a switch

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Hello all,

Currently, my wall switch controls both my ceiling fan and one of my wall outlets. I would like if possible replace it with 2 switches so I can control each independently. How would I rewire this (see picture)?

Deep inside the wall, the wires are grouped into 2 bundles. Would I wire each bundle to one switch?

Thank much


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This nut has three wires, the fan , the outlet and a pigtail to the switch.

remove the short pigtail and connect the other wires to the brass screws on the the duplex switch.
The black that is at the old switch goes to one of the black screws on the switch and the fan and outlet wires go to the brass screws.


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Thanks Nealtw. I search searched "duplex switch" and found this

I didn't know about it and was thinking about cutting a bigger hole to fit 2 switches in there :)

This is definitely much simpler.

I also found this diagram and tried to better understand your explanation. If I get it right, I would use the diagram on top with one common line.

1) remove the nut with the 3 wires, and throw away the short red wire going to the current switch.
2) connect the remaining red and black wires (coming from the wall) to the 2 orange terminals on the diagram.
3) unplug the black wire from the current switch and connect to the black terminal of the diagram.

Is that correct?
Thanks much
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