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Spilled Cooking Oil

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I recently spilled cooking oil on my ceramic tile kitchen floor. I have tried everything I can think of to remove it but it still feels as though there is a residue on the tile. I'm looking for ideas to clean it...thanks!!
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Castrol Super clean. But test it an an inconspicuous area first.
Hot Water

Tried hot luck. Even added a degreaser. Will try the Castrol
Castrol is a degreaser. But a tough one. FYI, it can strip paint at it's full strength.

Thanks, I will definitely look into it!
TSP or TSP substitute. Available at big box stores, hardware stores, or paint stores.

Also, most people have a can of oven cleaner around... test in a small area before you use it. USE IT ONLY a SMALL AMOUNT AT A TIME IN A HIGHLY VENTILATED AREA.

Good luck. Veggie oil is a biotch.

Thanks are right, this has been a nightmare to clean up!
Love the thought for the day at the bottom of your note!
How about rubbing alcohol? It can break down some oils. Might be worth a shot.
Cooking oil should in no way damage any ceramic tile. The grout is a different story. For the grout use a poultice to remove the oil. You can buy a ready-made poultice product at Home Depot or you can make your own. I would suggest the Home Depot product first.

The last thing you want to put on the tile is any caustic such as an oven cleaner. TSP (as suggested) or Oxy Clean should clean the tile surface easily.:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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