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Sparky Channel on Youtube got phished, and lost 900+ vids and 180k subs.

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I've used his videos a lot over the years, and I recently needed help with something that I remembered he had made a great video on, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Eventually I learned that someone obtained his credentials, and apparently deleted the channel.


He's a really nice guy, and had some fantastic videos, so I thought I would spread the word.

Here's his new channel, with a brief video explaining what happened.

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That's a suck :/

I'd like to reiterate something I have said on here before: NEVER OPEN EMAIL LINKS

Seriously, if you get an email from YouTube, Google, PayPal, your bank, your credit card company, your mortgage, your investor, ANYTHING from a bigger business - DO NOT use the link in the email. Use your internet browser to call up the standard home page of said companies website only.

ALL bigger companies use secure in-house messaging systems if there is something they need from you info wise, they will have something connected up on your account. They'll just give you a notice when you next log into your account on their website.

Bottom line; there is absolutely NO reason to EVER go through an email link to update any information with any bigger company, EVER.

Also worth noting, no bigger company will EVER request your log-in password through email. If anything, they'll send you a notice that your account was compromised or whatever so "they had to change your password" and give you a new randomly generated one. Still don't use any links in that email, EVER. Go to the company website and log into your account directly.
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