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sparks/arcing visible using new DEWALT 20V drill

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I did some "Black Friday" shopping and bought several new tools online, one of which was a $199 deal for the DCD780 compact drill and the DCF885 1/4" impact driver, plus two 1.5Ah batteries. Great deal I thought!

The drill came just in time for me to need to put a hole in my kitchen cabinet for some new under-cabinet lighting. When I used it, though, I can see sparks / electrical arcing inside the drill, visible through the vents that cool the motor. There was also a slight burning smell, but I assumed that was a "break-in smell," and it went away quickly. Is this normal?

I did finish drilling the hole in the cabinet and the tool didn't get hot or catch fire or anything.

I am sure if I call DEWALT they will just tell me to return it to Home Depot and get another one, but I really would rather not do that if it's just got some debris inside or wasn't manufactured perfectly but will work itself out, or if this is perfectly normal for this tool.

Haven't noticed the same thing on some other 20V tools which I just got today also. Incidentally, the grips on these tools are amazingly comfortable and they are surprisingly light-weight, plus the LED lights are pretty great. I'm sold on the new 20V series already.
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all power tools do this.. its the brushes in the motor causing the sparks its perfectly normal. the burning smell will subside. usually its either dust or grease burning off that was on the components when it left the factory. if the smell becomes worse then something is wrong with the tool and something is burning

the latest technology in power tools is brushless, they dont create sparks as they dont have brushes to do so.. the tech has been around since 2001 for insdustrial construction for when working in confined spaces with fumes that could ignite.
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