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I had new doors installed in the basement. The contractor had a heck of a time levelling the doors since he said the wall frames were over an inch out. He didn't fix the wall frame, he just removed drywall at the bottom of the door frame and added extra wood at the top. It looks ugly but the door is straight. Not quite sure if this was the correct was to attack it.

The bathroom door has maybe a 1/4" gap under it. The bottom of the furnace door is crooked - maybe 1/2" on one side and 1/4" on the other. Is this ok? I don't want to have to fix the entire wall.

Is it normal for the walls to get so out of whack?

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The doors have to be installed plumb and square to work properly. It sounds like he did that.

Most of the ugly should go away with trim but if the walls and floor is that far out something is going to show somewhere.

Post some pictures if you can to get the best responses.

You lost me on the air pressure thing.

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If a forced-air furnace, the 3/4-1" gap under the door serves as the return air path, I believe......

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