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Spacing for ornamental grasses/best hedges

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Hi. We live in a rural area in the midwest but on a very busy State Route. We live right over a bridge so the road was elevated about 50 years ago so out property is down a hill. When you are driving over the driving over the bridge you can see right down into our yard. In the summer the trees by the creek have leaves so there is more privacy. But you can still see down into the yard at a certain point (and we would like not to see the road). The house is about 25 feet from the road and you can hear the traffic in the house. We thought about planting a row of ornamental grasses by the road right in front of the house. (would this help with noise reduction). Then we thought we might plant a row of some kind of hedges so you cant see down in the yard. Would this work? How far apart should you plant the bushes and grasses? Whats the best type of bush to plant as a hedge (we thought maybe burning bushes). Any ideas? Our neighbor across the street used burning bushes, yews, spruces and ornamental grasses to landscape his front yard. The last two pictures are of or neighbors house but I definitely don't want spruce trees in out front yard. Our major wants are privacy, and a sound barrier. But we still want to be able to see when we pull out of our driveway, its difficult already.


Heres some pictures.


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Burning bushes are lovely in the fall but also will lose leaves in the winter.

I'm busy planting for privacy and noise reduction also.

Evergreens would give privacy year round. Are there other pine trees that you could trim the bottom for visibility on your drive that you like. Check local nurseries and they will tell you how to plant. Also take note as you drive around your neighborhood for ideas.

I'd want a fence or wall if zoning permitted it, near that road.
Thank! I love spruce trees, we have one on the other side of the drive. I just think that they would get to big. The neighbors across the street planted a row of spruces in front of their house and they have gotten to big and one almost fell on their house. So, I would like to plant hedges instead of trees. I would like however to plant about 3 cedar trees (or smaller spruces) next to the bridge. Then a row of bushes and then ornamental grasses. Do you know of any spruce trees that would grow just big enough for privacy but not get huge. The spruce on the other side of our drive is huge, I don't know how old it is, when we moves heres 25 years ago it was about as tall as the electric pole next to it.


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