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SPace Pak Air Handler Wiring Question--208-230/60/1

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Quick question-

I currently have a 12-2 gauge wire (black, white and copper) running from the basement to the air handler up in the attic.

The Air handler calls for a 208-230/60/1 power supply.

The high voltage block on the air handler has an L1, L2, N and a grounding lug on it.

How do I connect the wire at the CB panel and the air handler?

Here is what I was thinking....

Get a 20 Amp double pole CB and connect the BLACK and WHITE lines to the CB and the copper ground to the nuetral bus bar at the CB panel. Then at the air handler, connect the black wire feed to the L1 terminal, the white wire to the L2 terminal, and the copper to grounding Lug.

Does this sound right?
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By what you say, you're going to need a 12/3. Black to L1, Red To L2, white to N, and ground to ground.

Sounds like this unit has 240 volt loads as well as 120 volt loads. To the breaker, Black/red to breaker, white and ground to their respective bars.

The way you have it, 120 volt loads won't run.
Yep, according to the drawing, no neutral. I was just going by what you were saying in post #1. Good to go.
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