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Thanks to the freezing weather I had to have a spa repairman out to work on the hot tub. The repairman said that the wiring to the spa does not meet code. While unusual, I can't find anything that indicates it does not. The spa was wired in 15 years ago. This was definitely the cheaper way to do it though.

The GFCI breaker is actually in the house's main electrical panel with an A/C style manual disconnect near the spa; visible about 10 feet away. The spa is a three wire spa so there are three wires (burial, all insulated) running from the GFCI to the spa; Hot-Hot-GND.

I haven't read anywhere that a GFCI was used in the panel box but I did read a comment that it is not unusual for a spa panel with a GFCI to be just outside the home's panel with a disconnect near the spa. I have also not read anywhere that the disconnect has to be the GFCI, just that a GFCI has to be used in the wiring and that a disconnect has to be visible near the spa. The repairman is saying that the GFCI has to be visible near the spa.

While researching though I think I did find something else that doesn't meet code. The wire is buried coming up under the spa. I've read that it can't be buried within 5 feet of the spa. It is burial wire but there is no conduit.

I just don't want to have to waste someone's time coming out or my money if, although not common, this meets code. Thank you!!!!!!
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