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We're replacing decking and will be replacing the railings as well. And we're looking at pre-constructed sections (both 6' and 8') of plain white composite railings. Lowes has some which are reasonable for the 6' (~$50), but are oddly a lot more expensive for the 8' (~$140). And worse, the 6' sections are only 68" (allowing for 4" posts, I guess), and we have four sections that are exactly 72".

I guess the question is two-fold:
- Is there another place to go for composite railings (Los Angeles or online)
- Should we be thinking of other options for the railing? (We've ruled out metal and vinyl, which leaves composite and wood.) Deck will be redwood with solid paint stain (so it will basically look painted).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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