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Sour Gas Smell

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We are on an acreage with a septic tank and field. Our upstairs bathroom used to smell of sour gas on a frequent basis - we tried plugging the sink and nothing worked. We then had the toilet replaced as well as the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. The smell has now moved to the downstairs bathroom. We have plugged the sink, the tub, the tub drain and had a plumber re seal the toilet and it still smells. What's next???
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Sounds like you have a partially blocked vent pipe.
Have someone go up on the roof and check all open pipes sticking up through the roof for leaves, debris, birdnest, etc. and clean all out by hand that they can, and then flush down the vent pipe with a water hose sprayer. That should clear the vents and solve your problem.
If it doesn't, you may have to have the vents snaked down with a heavy-duty plumber's snake and then flushed with a water hose.
Good Luck!
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