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Soundproofing Concrete Ceiling

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I am in Germany and have a small music venue in an old building that also has a small hotel above me.

I need to soundproof the ceiling. Besides not playing music, what is the best way to prevent music from being heard by those on the floor above us?

Does anyone have any experience soundproofing concrete ceilings?

Thanks for your help!
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You need to de-couple the ceiling from the vibrations.

This would be accomplished via some sort of internal ceiling covering whether it be a fixed of hung ceiling that was fastened to the substrate via some sort of idolator.

You could also look at applied soundproof panels that many music studios use.
They opened a nightclub in the city next door and had a similar issue, theirs was sound passing through the 12" concrete walls. I followed the articles and talked to a relative, my neighbor, and ultimately, their solution was 3 layers of drywall plus green glue. It was amazing to me that any sound could get through those walls, but late at night when the neighborhood was trying to sleep and they were booming, their prior attempts were unsuccessful.

I would go with the isolation route as WoW suggested, but wanted to mention this just in case.

I'm not the party type so I have no firsthand knowledge of their results.

a long time ago i went to Dallas (my intention was to move there, but it didn't work out).
my buddy(or so i thought) took me out partying one night. we went to this bands house.
i thought it kind of odd that i could not here any music. we went to their garage. inside the garage was a long hallway, i heard some music. entered the garage at the end of the hallway. BAMMM !!! loud as hell ! they had a room built inside the garage.
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