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Sound dampening door

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My office reno is done to the point where I'm now looking into (interior) doors. I spent a lot of time and money soundproofing the room and don't want to diminish diminish the effort at this point.

I do, however, need to go with 32" paneled doors. Two doors will create a sound dampening air space, but there is a laundry room between the two doors just outside my office door. (I may have to go S.C. non-paneled with that one, but I'd really prefer not to...).

I know they make solid core paneled doors. Are these better for sound? I'm trying to balance sound dampening with appearance. ANy other suggestions (I'll be addressing the threshold issue as well).

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Hi Windows...hope all is well. In reviewing, my question was poorly phrased. Mass is always good for dampening sound. I'm just not sure (in the paneled doors) weather there's any difference (as there would be with non-paneled slabs). Could be a moot question. Thanks for responding and nice to see you here.

Are you just installing standard interior doors, or are you taking any measures to seal them when closed? That would help as well.
Thanks for the tip. I plan on putting in a door sweep for now, but may install an auto threshold if needed (and door gasketting as well, if needed).
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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