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Something is attacking my lawn need help to ID

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I'm in south jersey and we have a sandy soil mix that's a bit acidic. I dropped lime, overseeded, and put down starter fertilizer about 2 1/2 weeks ago and the new seed germinated last week. I've cut back watering to 1 this week, today, and watered heavily this morning. I'm planning on heavily watering once a week on Wednesday.

I just noticed patches in my lawn where the grass is dying. It was fine yesterday. These patches the grass is turning a gray/white color and the blades have become very thin. This is only happening in some spots in 1 corner, but I want to stop whatever it is from spreading. I've attached some pics so you can take a look. I've never seen this before so I would like your thoughts.



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Fungus would be my guess too although I am struck by the fact that this happened almost instantly. And the plants may be "damping off" because of it. I am not sure what fungicides consumers can get without a license but ask your local nursery or stop by a golf course or parks department and ask the turf guys what to use. They will be flattered by the request and more than willing to help you. You may have to call someone with an pesticide/fungicide applicator license or two to fix this for you. You will need to determine whether the fungi are plant or soil based.

If it is a fungus and you have a bag for the mower? Be sure and use it until you fix this problem or you will compound it leaving infected clippings behind. Some times fungi can sneak into your environment via improperly sterilized soil ammendments and top dressings.

The other possibilities could be a fertilizer burn or insects but I don't think so from the color you describe. Your strategy for deep watering is good as soon as it makes sense but you could drown the young roots if you start to soon and with too much water.

Of course never over water so long or late in the day that the grass is damp overnight. Obviously if you cannot control rainfall. Good luck!
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