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some outlets not working

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Yesterday I had 4 of my power outlets to quit working. One in the living room ,one in the dinning ,one the back bedroom and one in front bedroom. I did some poking around in the panel box on the inside and found the circuit they where on, the crazy thing is some stuff on the same circuit or breaker still works:huh:. I checked all the white wires and they where tight. I even killed the power to box on the inside and put them on new lugs nothing? My VM says there is power on the circuit but when I check the outlets themselves I get only a little bit of power on them. So does anyone have any suggestions on what this could be.
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The outlet wires are run from one outlet to the other. The frst outlet has a broken or disconnected wire. Probably broken on the outlet screw.
Open them up and check them out.
It'd be good if you could figure out which outlets are downstream of which on this particular circuit, and then start at the most upstream outlet, the one closest to the CB panel, that works.
I have looked inside a few so far nothing, but I took the Vw a while ago on LB and stuck it in some of the other oulets and on one of them I found only 20 volts so I may have found it, I just got to get some time to go inside and fix it thanks for all the help everyone ....
I found only 20 volts
Sounds like a
so it probably is not a GFCI because you are still getting 120v into at least one conductor. GFs interrupt both the hot and the neutral.
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