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some follow up and pics , Thanks for all the great advice

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My son's room is almost done so wanted to post some pictures, and a minute to Thank ya'll, this site is priceless., :eek:
Thanks agaom
hey someone let me know if th

at image thing didnt work
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Nice work!
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I take my overall's off to you :laughing:. What a GREAT job on the painting. I love the star. Is that painted or did you craft something to hang??? I thought you were working with purple and gold, this sure looks like Dallas to me, lol.

Great Job!!!!!
Thanks, yes I cut the blue part of the star out of mdf, sanded, rounded over edges then primmed, screwed to wall, putty, then the fun painting started. Yes i originally was going to use only his favorite basketball teams colors, but found his favorite foot ball teams colors alot easier to work with, i did some purple and gold stuff ill post here shortly, alot of thread/post searching here and tons of taping and retaping in the room, again thank you all ,
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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