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Some Advice on Sandblasting Equipment

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My dad, who had his own small sandblasting company in Michigan, unfortunately passed away. I have no idea how to price his equipment or where I can go to sell his things. He has two sandblasting compressors, 4 blastposts, hoses and nozzles. I have had his equipment serviced and all is running well. If anyone could give me any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to sell his equipment together, but am not sure if it would be better to do it that way or to sell it all seperately. Thanks everyone in advance! I really appreciate any help!


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look like 185's - john deere engines ? pots are likely 600# & 300#,,, he had competition - talk to them 1st,,, could also try craig's list but likely not to max return $$,,, might call up some rental stores too
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Thank you very much for your message and for giving me an idea with prices. I am so lost! Both compressors have John Deere engines, but I don´t know what it means 185? I have taken some photos of the engines and serial numbers hoping that will help! Thank you again for your advice!
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