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Solid State Speed Control Wiring Help

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Greetings, I have this variable speed control with Red, Black and Grey wires coming out. It must be connected to a 3 wire supply line, wires are Red, Black, and White and a ground wire. I'm not sure how to tie the two together, mostly do to the grey wire on the speed control. Will someone please set me to right here. Thanks. Links to photos are below. The third link is the supply.
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I have the information now from another source.
Here is the diagram

Also there is a note on the diagram to remove white jumper wire between black supply and white capacitor lead when using 3 wire control.

So I wired it up per instructions but there is another issue now. Control has power but fan motor only hums when control is on. Hum gets louder the more the control knob is rotated. I think perhaps bad controler, or bad capacitor, or fan motor frozen. :( I'm about to hook it up 2 wire to see if motor works.
Problem resolved white and black wires were reversed at the terminal block.
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