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Soldier in need a new lawn grass!

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My lawn is a mixture of grass. I have some bermuda in the front, and some st augustine in the back. Some centipede and plenty of weeds and garbage grass.

My North Louisiana lawn gets quite a bit of rain water, and sunlight is mixed between the front which gets more and the back which gets less.

I'm a soldier and I stay gone a good bit, so I need a low maintaence hardy consistent lawn. I would have to do something with my existing lawn first I know (flamethrower?).

Any suggestions??
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Centipede grass. aka "lazy man's grass". I do lawn maintenance in Hawaii. One of my accounts has a centipede lawn, gets well over 100 inches of rain annually with full, wide open unobstructed sunshune, and it hardly needs moving even after 6 weeks.
I think he's to cold for centepeide. Let me do some research. You get some nights below 32 degrees in late december to early February, correct?
I think centipede would work. We get weather below freezing in the winter but our winters are very mild. I had thought centipede or bermuda and didn't know enough to make a choice.

Between Centipede and Bermuda I was leaning to Bermuda, but if Centipede requires less maintenance then my wife would appreciate that since she often has to take over my mowing job when I am away.

What is the best way to re-do my lawn and get it one healthy type of grass?
I'm in NorthEastern Connecticut and also have a problem with many types of grass (and weird things that look like inch high evergreens). So I'd also like to hear suggestions on how to get to one smooth looking lawn. The dirt is very rocky out here, more ants than dirt in the backyard probably, and a side yard that's almost all ground moss.
See my reply to merc about a clay soil lawn.

Go to and you will get advice specific to your lawn from one of the very best grass growers in the world.

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