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Soldering question

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Hi I am trying to solder a piece of copper end cap to an aluminum pot cover to make a water distiller .
I am using lead free silver soldering wire. I am having a hard time soldering the materials together , could it be the Flux ?
Suggestions plz. Or am I just idiot.
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Ayuh,.... Ya can't solder aluminum,....

It's a non-compatible metal,...
Actually, aluminum can be soldered, but is not easy because when it contact with air, it forms an oxide layer that is tough to get through.

Do a Google search for "soldering aluminum to copper" and you will find a couple of products that are intended for this application.
Don't feel bad Bondo.I've been soldering for 50 years and never heard of soldering aluminum. I'll have to look into it.Never had the need to .Just curious.
Checked it out and there is a solder and flux made for this purpose.I have ran heliarcs to weld AL and brazed AL.Just never had any call to solder it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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