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Solaris Lawn Mower review

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As a new member to this forum I feel obligated to contribute in some way before sucking the knowledge out of others. :)

This is a review of the Solaris Electric Lawn Mower found here:

A little about me, first time homeowner, somewhat comfortable DIY'er, computer networking dude. I'm technical, but not a geek. :whistling2:

On to the mower.

Battery powered and self-propelled (my model). Very quiet for a lawn mower, I can have a conversation with someone right next to me while mowing without shouting. Could probably mow the yard at 3am without waking the neighbors (not that I would mow at 3am)..maybe 2, but not 3.

No gas needed and no oil to change...very cool. Battery life is great if used as recommended (read on)

This mower must be used according to the manual otherwise battery life sucks. What this means is, no wet grass, no long grass, and no hills. If you like your grass to grow long or if you want to cut it wet..this is not the mower for you. Trust me on this.

It is not a gas mower. Here is a perfect example: two weeks ago my neighbor and I started cutting our same size yards at about the same time. My grass had gotten long because of recent rain and I had to wait for it to dry. In a nutshell, he finished in about a hour..took me about 3 hours split between the morning and evening. I felt stupid, however I let the grass get too long and it was still a little wet.

If you cut your grass about once a week and don't mind the above limitations this mower may be an option. Extra batteries are available and are useful.

Let me know if you have questions.

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