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Okay, before I start, I will say I have a multitude of questions. But to start, we have a home water softener due to he fact that the hardness level in my city is 28 (don't remember what that means?). I believe it feeds the entire house but not outside.

First question: should I be concerned about feeding softened water to the ice maker since sodium is a bit of an issue for me?

We installed an RO system under the sink for cooking and drinking. Ideally, i would connect the ro to the fridge. Unfortunately, the sink and fridge are on opposite sides of the room with no clear way to make an easy connection except through the attic.

Second question: if I went through the attic, the line would run approximately 30 feet, the first 8-10 ft would be vertical. FYI, I do have an ro with a small pump and my water pressure has never been an issue.

My house is old so there isn't a water line behind the fridge. The previous owner had a simple copper line run from the hot water heater (or near it) through the attic to the back of the fridge. There is an inline on off switch to control flow.

Q3: I assume putting in an inline water filter won't do anything about the sodium.

Finally, assuming sodium could be an issue with something on a low sodium diet, would I get around all this my using potassium pellets?

If so, is there an easy way to remove the salt pellets? All I can think of is my wet dry vac.

Finally, assuming sodium is really an issue (I have heard yes and no), soul
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