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Soft lockout in Burnham Alpine 150

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The lcd display on my furnace alternates between b 26(soft lockout) and 9 116 then 115 and so on until it reaches 110. The heat does come on and heats the house. I have 2 zones of baseboard. I had the main circulator pump replaced 2 weeks ago. I called Burnham but they are no help at all. Anyone have an idea what it is. This happens all day long but the heat does come on.
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B26, boiler safety limit, or external limit wired to terminals 3 and 4 is open.

Check for these possibilities.

• Heating load at time of error was far below the minimum firing rate of the
• Defective primary pump or no flow in primary loop (Piping Method 1)
• Control system miswired so that boiler operation is permitted when no zones
are calling

that is from the install manual.
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Primary pump was replaced 2 weeks ago and the system was bled.
Not being a plumber I don't know what about the first possibility
Control system must be wired correctly because the was installed 2 years ago.
Today it has been running correctly
The manual says that the 9 in the lcd screen means it is possibly a bad DHW sensor. Should I just change it even though I get heat and hot water?
Can't tell you from here. may want to get one just incase.
The problem was the high limit switch. Replaces it now everything is running OK
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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