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Soffits/gutters in 60s addition

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Hello all – this is my first post. This is a picture of a ‘60s addition on my house. It measures roughly 10 by 16. So the questions: my house needs replacement aluminum gutters for the original wooden ones. I’m going to start with replacing the gutters on the addition (it’s an easier place to start). This raises the question of soffits and appropriate ventilation. The addition has no soffit vents, no ridge vent. It has a gable vent roughly 12” by 14”. Should I put in soffit/ridge vents when I do the gutter work, or is the gable vent sufficient? If just the gable vent, does it need to be closed up in winter? Or is a gable vent with the louvers adequate? As this is the only access in the addition, I think the gable vent should be removeable?

“ppreciate your expertise. Thanks!


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The problem you would have with adding a ridge vent or even louvered roof vents is the roof pitch. It's so shallow that I'd be concerned about wind driven rain getting under the front lip and getting into the attic.
An alternative would be to add soffit vents and install a small gable exhaust fan with a louvered cover.
The venting system is left open all year.
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