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soffit venting question

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Wasnt sure where to put this, so if there is a more appropriate place, let me know. Last few weeks I've been working on correcting insulation,venting,airsealing problems in my bonus room Kneewall area that I had previously posted about, and wanted to know if the soffit panels previously install on my home are too restrictive? If so is it worth looking around for something different?Also the soffit panel in the pic is exactly what's on my house, I used some snips and Opened up the original opening's and wanna know if maybe that would be enough? Some info: I pulled each of thos panels off and as long as the middle of the square panel didnt land on rafter lumber I cut a rectangle out, getting as close to the outside edge as I could, roughly about 5" by 8-10" opening, then re-attached the soffit panels, any help of info is very my appreciated, and thank you for your time


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Sounds like you are on the right track. Those panels are very common and not too restrictive provided that you have enough of them.
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