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soffit vent question

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Hello I have a question about soffit vents our house is 1200sq we have 5 roof vents and 5 soffit vents on one side of the house and the other side doesn't have any soffit vents that is the side of the roof vents. All of our water lines are in our attic could that be why we don't have any soffit vents in the attic?

Trying to figure this out if I need to add more.
I hope someone can help me out
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Is there any structural reason that soffits can't go on both sides?
As Bud suggested I can't imagine water lines have anything to do with soffit vents.
Maybe its a regional thing but I've never seen a 4v8 soffit vent.
all the major manufacturers I am aware of make 4x16, 8x16 and a couple make 6x16 but those 6's are not often stocked.

Regardless I think the addition of soffit vents can't hurt and as far as water lines go I can't hardly imagine depending on a lack of attic ventilation to keep them from freezing.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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