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Sod maintenance question

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I am new to home ownership and I decided to hire someone at the end of October to install sod and I love it. There are still some spots that I screwed up bc my dog got loose in the back yard and kicked a bunch of it up so I have to fill it in but my question is what should I be dong with new sod care in early spring. It is looking so nice already and is super green here in Illinois. I wasn't sure what to do because it looks so full already. I really wanted to know how far I should cut it down with the lawn mower too as it is super thick and really high in some areas but honestly i love it because it looks full and Lucius. Any help on maintenance and how much i should cut it would be great! Thanks

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Call the company out that did the sod and they will fix the bad spots.

They should have given you a watering and care schedule.
The WORST thing you can do is cut it too short ! Would also advise staying off it when it's wet .
Adjust the wheels on your mower yo cut the grass as high as possible. The taller the grass is allowed to grow, the deeper the roots.

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Great thanks for your help. They didn't give me any maintenance tips on it. I ended up buying the sod bc it's really my fault for letting my dog just soil the same spots. Thanks again!
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