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So, I get home from work today...

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and the wife says, "The vacuum cleaner doesn't seem to be working"

Did not think to take a before picture...

All of this...

Came out of one side of this...

The other side is a filter that needed my air compressor to clean out.

Looks like I have something else to add to my calandar
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Why didn't you buy the self cleaning model?
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It is self cleaning...I get to clean it myself.

Bet you can't guess what color the cat is?
my neighbor was throwing one away. said it didn't work well any more. i cleaned it "properly" and have been using it.
my neighbor was throwing one away. said it didn't work well any more. i cleaned it "properly" and have been using it.
A cat?
You should see what we get out of the canister on our Dyson, if we do not vacuum the house at least twice a week. Let it go for two weeks, ended up with another dog after I dumped the container.
That is one of the problems with these new vacuums that don't have a bag....women don't want to clean them out.

I helped my doctor fix his dryer a couple of weeks seems his house keeper has been doing laundry all these months and NEVER cleaned the lint tray. The lint was packed all the way down to the fan impeller.....

Some of the biggest fights between the x-b!tch and I was about the vent filter. She was so OCD about dirt, that she did not want to take the lint filter out to clean it because "dust from it might fall into the house".....I was also not allowed to wear shoes in the house...
Yup +1 to the Dyson as well. Have the pet hair model. With 4 dogs its a must. We vacuum up 2 spare dogs a week. Bought it 7 years ago and one of the best investments I made.
I'll never buy another bagless vacuum. We've had two, and both failed after about a year. Just bought a Miele ($$$$) and can't believe the difference between it and the typical Hoovers and others you see at WalMart.
It's funny but I love to refurbish old vacuum cleaners. Years ago found a expensive one in the trash and cleaned it up, replaced the brush and stuff like that. Literally that vacuum would pick up the carpet from the floor. Used it for years until my live-in gal took it with her when she left. Didn't miss her but surely missed that [email protected]

I get the same thing all the time, it's not working, making funny noises and take it to the garage for the Jim Cleaning procedure.
Bagless vacuums with filters are a pain. The filter clogs. So does a bag, in fact.

What you want is a CYCLONIC vacuum... but they're expensive. Like, a good bagless vac with filter can get into the $300-$500 range. A good cyclonic will start there. Cyclonic vacuum works by spinning the airstream such that heavy particulate goes to the outside from centrifugal force, with a vent in the center column. Because the debris goes to the outside, it doesn't go out the vent. Because there is no filter, air flows freely through the vacuum unit--maximum vacuum power is achieved at all times.

My solution to all this? Something like this. Pipe the exhaust outside, because even a HEPA filter only catches 30% on each pass--you'll spew the rest of the garbage into the air. Mold spores, dust, bits of dust mite crap, bits of dust mite bodies, yes the filter traps these things but even the stuff in the actual Manhattan Project didn't catch 100% of plutonium dust every time--it caught a third of it, and the air recirculated so much that 2/3 of 2/3 of 2/3 of 2/3 of 2/3 ... is eventually all of it.
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