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Snyder General AC low AC blower speed

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We have an old 1989 Snyder General HVAC unit that we only use for AC . It is a horizontal unit in the attic. Has a Honey Well fan limit control.

Problem has been that it only runs in low speed. Is there an adjustment for this?


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Want to add that filters are clean fan is clean and coil is clean. The fan just is set to run on low speed.
How do you know it's running on low speed? There are many things that can cause low airflow.

Is this a new problem?

You've given zero information about the unit - no model number. Don't even know if it's an air handler or furnace.
Your right many things can cause low air flow. I visually inspected the fan and it is obviously turning on slow speed. I could try to manually by pass the board and try running it on the black wire to confirm that the fan is turning slow.

Model # DGHA075AD148BN
Serial # D893231057.

I said " 1989 Snyder General HVAC unit that we only use for AC" . I'm sorry I thought that would be clear. It is not just an air handler it is a furnace.

We have put up with it for years. I decided this year to look into it.

Thank You
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May have a capacitor or motor problem.

I can't find info on that model and would need to see schematic - usually it's on the blower access panel, side facing in.
Found something else in our paper work. I believe this is the Central Air conditioner info.

Unit model # AC036GA
Unit Serial Number H892813297

I have both numbers and I'm now confused of what the numbers go to. Will the capacitor let the motor run slow. I thought it was just for starting.

Thank You
need info about the furnace to help - from that era it could even be a belt drive and the belt isn't tight enough.
I believe that is the compressor unit #
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