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I can use just regular car oil (5w-30) for my snowblower right?
Guy at work is running from store to store looking for special snowblower oil, I thought as long as it's 5w-30, it didn't matter
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Yes, assuming a 4 cycle engine, regular engine oil. As for the weight, check the owner's manual for the manufacturer's recommendation for the temperature range in which you will operate it. I have never heard of snowblower specific oil, but if you think it will make him feel better, you might suggest to your buddy that he just call or visit the local dealer for his brand of snowblower; they will sell him whatever brand they happen to carry, and he will most likely spend a little more than buying it from the local auto parts store, or wherever, but may sleep better.
That's what I thought, thanks

I just checked O'Reilly
No listing for Snowblower Oil
Is this guy an engineer by chance?
Bet he even read the directions cover to cover.
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