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smps vs linear

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yesterday we had a brown out for a couple of seconds and my digital photoframe reset

now when I put it on the screen went very faint, then it's flickering.

so I'm trying to prove if the frame has blown something or the psu adaptor box

I noticed the box says 12v switched mode power supply and the 3.5mm jack has like a little red ring, where the black insulator would be on another one

I have a tosh laptop, with what looks like the same size jack and it fits the hole BUT the jack wont go over the inside pin, I'm assuming this is for compatability.

I don't wanna go and buy an SMPS never having heard of them before today

but can I use my laptop PSU to see if the digital frame works, I'm assuming it is otherways compatible

or do I have to use an SMPS with SMPS and a linear with a linear

txs !
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btw the photo frame WORKS except for the dimmer screen and flicker

I also took everything a part and leave it, hoping that would help
if it helps it says its a comcast eps-3
I tried my laptop adaptor in the end, it made the screen even dimmer, the ampperage was a lot less. I think SMPS's have higher current for it's size.

My Rogers Cable box has a 3.5 15v 3a adaptor was meaning to give it a try.

I took apart the frame and nothing obvious stuck out, i.e. no cap's blown.

I'll see if I can use it, I was meaning to put a cheap laptop and an extended monitor in its place. I've gone through 2 photoframes now. They really don't seem to be very good !

BTW the photoframe was on a mains bar which had a spike/mains filter in it... didn't obviously work LOL

txs again!
so update, the photoframe started to work as normal?
pass... self healing electronics ? LOL

txs man
1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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