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Long time lurker, first time poster :yes:

Our house has flat smooth surfaced rubberized bitumen roof that is 15+ years old. The roof does not leak but two issues occurred from the winter of snow, a lot of snow.

1. The area around the scuppers is lower than the scupper and the roof does not drain as well as it used to. Can this low area be filled? If so what is the best material? One strategy would be to make the scuppers bigger (at present they are 1 inch). How do you ensure the seal between the scupper and the roof is watertight and long lasting?

2. With the scuppers not working as well as they used to we discovered the roofers were a little short and did not cover the areas covered by the flashing. Can we add to the roof to cover the area under the flashing? If possible, how?

Thank you

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If you could offer a picture so I could get a visual of the areas in need of repair I promise I'll try and help you out.

The reason I ask for the pictures.
1. The immediate area surrounding the drain should be lower than the rest of the roof, but not lower than the drain itself.
2. On wall and or eave flashing's the roofing materials will commonly stop short of total coverage to allow for a water channel.
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