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smokies aren't working

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So i've got 6 smoke alarms roughed in. four of them have 2 red/black/white, and two of them have a single wire of each. One of the single wire rough ins is hot prior to installing the alarms.

After i've installed all the alarms (firex), none of them are hot (well the one box has a hot wire, but no green LED on the alarm). There is no power to any other alarm.

Pretty simple install, as i've just twisted and capped everything, blacks to blacks, whites to whites, and my read interconnected leads to the yellow firex connector wire.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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sounds like you might of forgotten to loop a wire somewhere. And in the box that you said has a "hot" Check voltage between power and neutral to make sure you have a neutral there and not just a "hot"
I didn't rough these in, but it seems odd to me that the 'hot' box only has a single wire. by 'forgotten to loop a wire, do you mean in the caps?
No they should of went from box to box to box to box. So in one box it would start off with a 14/3 and a 14/2. The 14/2 would be the power and the 14/3 would loop to all the smokes. So each box would have two 14/3's and the last would have one 14/3. But from your saying they forgot to loop the boxes. So you should test all the boxes for power and see how many really do have power and how many don't
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