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Smoke Alarms

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Is their a code that smoke alarms have to be on a dedicate breaker or they can go on any. also does a smoke alarm count as a circuit or not and you can wire them up to any 15 amp line.
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Some locations like Delaware require a dedicated circuit. The NEC does not. Check with your building officials.

Smoke alarms are fine on a 15 amp circuit.
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Some locations require a non dedicated circuit so that you can tell if the breaker is tripped. In Ontario they must NOT be on the AFCI bedroom circuit.
Common but good question.

For the most part, the smokes can go on any ckt....but, they can not have a switch to turn them off except for the breaker.

With that good idea I got from this forum was to put them on one of the light ckts.....that way, your less likely to turn them off if they start to 'bother' you. my case...since I'm adding a bunch in my new addition...I put them on the laundry room lights...
Not in my location, but some areas require smokes to be on a bedroom circuit. Don't forget about CO detectors as well. There are "new" requirements concerning those as well. I would ask both these questions to your local building department.
Smokes must also be wired so that if one goes off, they all do.
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