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The Electric company came through and installed a smart meter. Now my AC does not work. Unit inside the house click on immediately when I slide the switch to cool. The fan comes on but, it blows hot air. I noticed the unit outside does not come on. Is it a coincident that this happen after the smart meter was installed or did he hook up something wrong? How can I tell without paying a service tech? Is there any I can do to check to eliminate some of the possibilities?

I am very familiar with a volt meter. The name on the unit inside the house is Westinghouse, all I can find on the outside unit is high efficiency.

I just purchase material replace the siding on my house. This is an unexpected expense that doesn’t fit in an already stressed budget.

Your help is greatly appriciated.

Thank you,
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The Smart Meter is just a digital meter that communicates with the electric company, monitoring your electric use. It just replaced the Meter Reader. The meter just plugs into the meter base. If your problem started right after they installed the meter, it could be they cause a current surge that screwed up something in your AC control. That would especially happen if the AC was running when they replaced the meter. You need to call the electric company and explain your problem.
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