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Small Subpanel

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I would like to install a small Subpanel close to my main panel. I have an 80 Amp double pole breaker that I plan to install in the main panel to feed the Subpanel. I'm thinking of using #3/3 cable as a feeder. The subpanel will contain four 15 Amp breakers for lighting circuits, a 20 Amp double pole breaker and either two single 20 Amp breakers or another double pole 20 Amp breaker. The 20 Amp double pole breaker will be supplying power to 3750 Watts of baseboard heat. The two single 20 Amp breakers ( or another 20 Amp double pole breaker ), will be supplying power to two room air conditioners so, of course, would never be used at the same time as the baseboard heat. Will this be okay?
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Not to be construed as advice or a recommendation. Consult an Electrician familiar with the rules in your local area.

Based on 2015 CEC - Should be similiar to the NEC

If your distance is not too far you can go down to #4. Stick with the #3 though especially if it's possible both A/C units will kick on at the same time.

What distance are you running from your main panel? If its more than 100 Feet I would upsize to #2 Copper, as you're probably going to have your lights dim when the AC units kick on. Check the price difference between your copper and aluminum conductors 2 sizes larger.
IE #3 copper vs #1 Aluminum.

For a subpanel feeder, aluminum is the way to go in my opinion and will probably be 1/3rd the price. Just make sure to purchase a bottle of penetrox with it and ensure the wire is coated with it before terminating.
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