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I'll soon be building a small porch/stoop/entryway.

The door is only about 7" off grade (very old house), so I would essentially have my frame on grade, no stairs, and step up onto the decking.

I'm wondering what the best way of framing posts would be:

Option A: Some sort of Simpson corner connector/bracket that would embed into the concrete and accept double 2Xs, then frame the deck, and fasten the posts right onto the deck. There would be no post off the pier - I'd be setting my double rim joists right on the pier, with some sort of connector.
Obviously the piers would have to be laid out at the perfect height, or at least within a shim's thickness.

Option B: Typical post bracket connected to a J-bolt in the pier. Frame the posts right off the bracket, (these would go up 7-8' to the roof framing) and frame the deck around/on the post.
I'll be using 4X4s and the thought of the whole deck depending on a few bolts into the 4X4 makes me a bit concerned.

I'm used to framing decks and porches well off grade with a PT post on the pier, frame on top of that, and posts/railings on top of that.

Is there another option here?

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