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Hello folks. Have a question on the above engine for my mower that attaches on the front of my ATV.

Last year I found a replacement engine for my mower off of craigs list. Last year I couldn't get it to run right. This year I finally figured out the carb adjustments. Everything was going great until it started to almost stall while in motion. Sitting still idling it runs like a champ. As soon as I move or like I found out today if I rock the ATV / mower it's starts to stutter. While mowing it can just stall completely unless I keep moving but like I said moving causes some stuttering.

So I've moved the fuel can higher to eliminate that problem. I've pulled the carb apart too and cleaned it up best I could, no luck. I'm just out of options here. I've even adjusted the main jet at the bottom of the bowel and didn't change.

What am I missing? I'm no small engine repair guru either so please be gentle. :)

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