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Slow Toilet Tank Fill

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One of our toilets' tanks takes forever to fill. And it seems to have a leak because it keeps on filling forever. Currently we have the water to it shut off and it is out of use. I want to fix it. I believe I need to change the entire system that's inside the tank. Can you tell I have never done any plumbing repair before? From the attached image can you tell me what do I need to replace? What tools I will need? Any other tips?

(I am on a DIY roll today. I have tasked myself to fix two other plumbing issues at our home. If you want to help, please click on my name and see my other two questions. Thanks. :) )

Thank you for your help.


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Have you taken that wire off of the float? It should be attached to the upper arm.

The replacement guts are about $10 --take about 15 minutes to change----you need a crescent wrench ans a pair of channel lock pliers----sometimes no tools are requires at all--if you have strong hands.

You may need a new flapper---they are about $4
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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