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Slow Toilet Tank Fill

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One of our toilets' tanks takes forever to fill. And it seems to have a leak because it keeps on filling forever. Currently we have the water to it shut off and it is out of use. I want to fix it. I believe I need to change the entire system that's inside the tank. Can you tell I have never done any plumbing repair before? From the attached image can you tell me what do I need to replace? What tools I will need? Any other tips?

(I am on a DIY roll today. I have tasked myself to fix two other plumbing issues at our home. If you want to help, please click on my name and see my other two questions. Thanks. :) )

Thank you for your help.


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If this is the same toilet as the one with the leak to the floor, are you sure the water handle is turned open all the way? If it's slow to fill, then either the faucet isn't all the way on, or the fill valve (big thing on the left in your tank) is shot and needs to be replaced), or the toilet is leaking so fast into the bowl that the tank can't fill fast. (It could also be a kinked line, but I don't see those in the picture in your other thread.)
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